Was It love?

Lately, I’ve been thinking about why am i still single?

Do i look that ugly? Do i have bad personality?

I questioned myself sometimes. Not because I’m insecure or something like that. To be honest, I’m the overconfidence type one. LOL.

What are the criteria for you to fall in love with someone? Do people really feel that “love” in their relationship? What does it feels like?

How do people know he/she is the one whom he/she need? Does love come with something you needed or something you wanted? Does love come when you feel lonely? Does it come with an explanation?

I assume that I am a narcistic person. Both of relationship which i had back in jhs and shs, was started by the girl liked me first. Somehow I felt, happy about it. That’s why i still confuse, was it love? or was it just me who loved to get an attraction from other people?

I was really happy, when one of my close friend said “ I was interest about u that time”. I felt closer to her, not in romantic way. But I felt better, something likes got noticed by your idol.

-May, 6 2021.

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